oh, you. sincere to the point of bleeding. you with your open embrace but selective intimacy. you with a growth hormone heart and a spirit willing to fly away if she must. at any minute. any clue.
oh, you. delving so deep into the nature of human existence and free falling into the abyss of the unknown. I hope someone, someday, can hold you and stretch you and take you beyond. all of you. the expanse of you.
you are in communication with what is unseen while simultaneously awakening to all that is proven. you are a magical mix, a scientific hypothesis, an exalted inkling.
someday, it will all fit together. you are the puzzle pieces. you are the hand.
you will see, know, accept and live into your work.
for now. it’s all faith and courage and risk and bite and prayer.
for now, you are your own longing.


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