Warrior up.

I know what it means to chase and fight.
I know what a blood battle feels like.

This mind has already met its darkest night.

This soul has been walking the earth for more than one life.

This body?

This body has made life and then birthed it and fed it all on its own.

3 times.


Amazing how the soul knows how to keep unfolding even when lit up in flames. This is the rise of a heart that has burned to ash and isn’t afraid to,  again.

Those sounds you hear? They come from the constructed wings of bone and debris pushing air beneath them to elevate, untamed.

Rise up if you want to come close to me.

This voice is determined to speak the stories that are etched on my skin and know the history of my blood coursing within and to touch, with BOTH hands, this single existence. This life is demanding to be lived.


This is the song of a hungry woman. I’m ready to feast at the table of too much. This is the sound of my throat chakra splitting open because “too much” is a lie that is no longer enough.

I want to hold you in the safety of my one beating heart. It’s spacious in there, remember that love? You can roam and hunt and howl all you want. You are free to explore but I no longer chase…

what is meant for me.

This is my home first…

but there is plenty of room for you, if you choose to be.


My core is the cave in which you can keep returning. Your name hits the walls of my ribs and the echo goes rippling…throughout every bone in my body. I know you.

Rise up and meet me.

Warrior up and show me.

Let’s show up and see what will be.

what will be?




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