the holy contradiction project: shadow/illumination


I went out to sit with the moon
her shadow side showing
laid naked for all to see
how round and perfect and red she was
how true and deep and loved
she spoke to me, that blood moon
of the superpowers within my soul
I sat at the end of my driveway
bare legs on the hot cement
heat rising up in me
mosquitos biting my ankles
I kept trying to get a view of her through my sons cheap telescope I bought for only $15 last Christmas
she was beautiful up close like that
but she drew my breath when I put the plastic down and gave witness with my naked eyes
she grew more powerful, the less I tried to capture her through a photo
she wanted to be experienced
so I sat with her
my heart and body bleeding with her wholeness
her vulnerability drawing gaze from all over this floating rock
people looking up
to her warm invitation
of being seen
her darkness made me weep
because of what it spoke to me
that there is beauty in the wholeness
true intimacy is holding space to be eclipsed
my strength; illuminated
within her shadow



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