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“you are allowed to be you” she said as we held savasana. that’s when the tears came. where along the way did i begin to believe something different? i haven’t always felt at home on this earth. my round thoughts never quite forming a line from a to b. my raw interior touched deep and my heart guided by an internal compass of things unseen. New York repeated the same words to me. “you are allowed to be you”. everywhere I looked, she showed me this truth. brave hearts were laid open upon each passing glance where the burden of closing down or shutting off or ignoring the urgency to be wildly alive is too heavy to carry. i noticed how when people practice the art of being themselves, possibility abounds and that authentic energy transfers to everyone who bumps up against the creativity. we are all creature, created; with our own lifetime to co create worlds within this world. every time i walked alongside human expression, i felt the reminder of the galaxies of wonder and possibility within each of us. that pulse is what brought each foot in front of the other, pounding the weight of my being into the capable hold of the earth…connecting thought to he(art) to movement and passion. i no longer believe in the walls of “maybe life would be easier if you were more like (anything but you)”.
“you are allowed to be you”
revolutionize the definition of success.
sing your song.
live your life.
express what rises up in you.
be grounded in your own true skin.
you are who you are for a million good reasons.

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